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huizhou jufei optoelectronics ltd

huizhou jufei optoelectronics ltd (hereinafter referred to as huizhou jufei ) was established on 5th may,2015. with its business base in huinan high-tech industrial park, zhongkai high-tech district, huizhou, guangdong province, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of shenzhen jufei optoelectronics co., ltd. huizhou jufei was established based on the overall strategic plan of the corporation and it is an important deployment in southern china. in the future, shenzhen jufei remains as headquarter of the corporation and with its support and lead, huizhou jufei will grow fast and strive for the objective of becoming a world-class excellent enterprise.  

huizhou jufei optoelectronics ltd entered into the industry in 2015, with a total 1.6 billion rmb investment in infrastructural project, it has a floor area of 210,000 square meters and building area of 210,000 square meters. the infrastructural project was planned as two phases: the first phase started from january 2017, and will complete in april 2018, covering total area of 106,000 square meters. first phase project consists of 5 buildings (2 industrial building, 1 power-supply building, 1 office building and 1 dinning building) and facilities like basketball court, badminton court, billiards room, amusement bar, gym, reading room, and dancing stage. second phase project will start at end of 2018 and complete at end of 2019, covering total area of 104000 square meters.    


​huizhou jufei optoelectronics ltd specializes in r & d, manufacturing and marketing of smd led devices and is extending its business in ic packaging and testing, to achieve an industrial structural upgrading. based on the overall planning, huizhou jufei will apply for more than 100 technical innovation patents; achieve an annual sales volume of 4 billion rmb from 2021, and workforce of 5000. it will strive for the objective of becoming a world-class excellent enterprise in led industry.