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corporate social responsibility

the third free blood donation of jf successfully ended

        may 20th, 2017 is the day to express love in china.on this special day, jufei optoelectronics union organized a voluntary blood donation activity in the company, “hand in hand, heart to heart, love, passing you and me”. jufei employees are full of love, expressing the great love of jufei people in the most special way - blood donation, full of love is transmitted to thousands of families like a moving melody. the event was held in our ab plaza and received strong support from our staff.

        in order to eliminate employees' misunderstanding of blood donation, jufei trade union has publicized some blood donation knowledge, blood donation process, and how to alleviate colleagues' feelings of strangeness and fear of blood donation. at the same time, they also let them know the benefits of blood donation and how to protect needles and supplement nutrition.

        the blood donation car entered jufei optoelectronics at 09:20 am on may 20th,. after all the preparations were completed, the unpaid blood donation activity officially started. the blood donation staff was under the guidance of the longgang blood station staff and the jufei union staff. carefully fill out the blood donation registration form, measure blood pressure, blood test, although the sky is drizzling, but this does not affect the enthusiasm of colleagues to donate blood. a group of love angels continued to come to the blood donation point. there were many blood donation colleagues and colleagues who never donated blood. during the blood donation process, employees who have not yet registered have come to donate blood. the chefs who have outsourced the canteens at the company's factory have also come to the blood donation activities.

        during the blood donation activities, the trade union staff also interviewed several blood donation volunteers randomly. the employees who participated in the blood donation were said to have participated in the blood donation activities. it is very meaningful to donate their own blood to help those who need urgent treatment. the patient is a good deed of benefiting the country, benefiting the people, and self-interest. it is also the duty of every citizen. he can devote his own love and pass this love to more people who need help. when they got their own little red book, they showed a happy smile on their faces. for a time, the blood donation scene was full of joy and pride after dedication.

        the blood donation activity was successfully completed at 14:30 in the afternoon,. the number of applicants was 91. the final 65 colleagues successfully donated blood and the total blood donation amounted to 22,800 ml. blood donation is not only a specific content of medical services, but also an important part of spiritual civilization construction. as always, jufei will actively practice social responsibility and make greater contributions to society. each of the jufei people also used their own bitter blood and sincere dedication to show the spirit of the company's courage and dedication.