there is a dream in our heart-pg电子游戏

corporate social responsibility

there is a dream in our heart

       in order to enrich the staff's amateur cultural life and enhance the cohesiveness and vitality of the staff, on the morning of april 27th, it was hosted by the huinan high-tech industrial park general union, and the huinan park trade union confederation and huizhou jufei optoelectronics co., ltd. the huinanyuan volunteers association co-organized the “dynamic dreams and hand in hand” business activities held in the jufeiguang power plant area, which attracted more than 300 employees.


       the event is divided into five exciting items, such as da vinci code, speed ​​limit, passion beat, eyebrow stick, and bracelet. the game is full of fun, challenging and entertaining, with a referee's whistle. the team is not allowed to each other. the players are all highly motivated and confident. each round is fierce and fierce, and the players on the field are brave and eager to fight. the teammates on the field are screaming and cheering, and the laughter will push the fun games to one after another. a climax.



       sending activities to enterprises is an innovative model of union service. it aims to enrich the leisure life of employees with healthy and uplifting cultural activities, and let the employees participating in the activities relax their sense of teamwork and cultivate their sense of teamwork. the understanding and friendship between each other encourages employees to carry forward the spirit of unity, hard work and innovation, and joins the high-spirited fighting spirit in the production work to make greater contributions to the economic development of the park!