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employee activity - a family letter sent to mother

       the deep motherly love, bathing the children all the time. however, for mengjiao, a wanderer who has been displaced and has no place to live, the most memorable moment is the painful moment of separation between mother and child. are you unable to reunite with your mother in real life​?

        in order to promote traditional culture, practice the company's core values, guide employees to respect and care for their families; show the company's human care for employees and their families, create a warm, positive and healthy organizational atmosphere, and enhance the company's cohesiveness. the human resources center organized the “most beautiful may day, thanksgiving mother's day” – “a family book to mother” activity.

         "the sheep have the grace of breastfeeding, the crow has the righteousness to feed back." on the special day of mother's day, the company organized employees to write a book for the mother to express a love for the mother.

a home letter sends out the meaning of the child’s eternal enthusiasm, expressing deep gratitude to the mother. maternal love is the sunshine of the winter, warming our cold heart; maternal love is the song of immersion in the night sky, bringing us comfort to the soul.

          on this special day, i wish all the mothers of the world a happy holiday!