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praise the struggle of jufei- equipment department

       the subsidiary received a notice from the company headquarters, and the government related projects should be checked and accepted by the machine. this glorious and arduous task​ was handed over to the jufei equipment department, which required continuous overtime work for a limited period of time to safely relocate the machine to the shenzhen headquarters for acceptance.    

       in the case of tight time, heavy tasks, and a lot of clues, the equipment department has carefully planned and coordinated. before the handling, the department heads unified their thoughts, organized the backbone forces in advance to prepare for the early stage, and achieved the "three decisions," namely, setting people, positioning, and responsibilities. among them, the equipment asset docker lan yu is responsible for clearing the list of handling equipment one by one; long qinghai, lai yangjie, the head of the subcontracting station, and wu sheng, the head of gujing station, and zhong qing, the person in charge of the welding line station, are responsible for the machine. packed well.


       on april 13th, the jufei equipment department began the formal handling of the equipment. under the command of guo, the scene is orderly, safe and orderly. due to the consideration of the weather in shenzhen in advance, the supervisor specially arranged the personnel to dock with the vehicle to ensure that the equipment was “no damage, no omission, no risk” during transportation. all the staff responsible for the project were working hard and unimpeded, and together they carried forward the spirit of gathering and flying until the smooth connection between the head of the shenzhen equipment department at 1:30 on april 15trh.
      during the handling process, the gathering equipment department showed a strong sense of responsibility and business sense. the comprehensive planning and execution rhythm of the mission is also worth learning and learning. among them, the security dragon occurred, lan fangwen and other on-the-spot follow-up, the logistics manager huang special chain coordinated the shenzhen vehicle group driver to sweep the whole process. under the high efficiency coordination of the jufei equipment department and the integrated management department, this transportation has achieved the “zero risk, zero accident” standard, which has been highly recognized by the government.
       in the future, all colleagues in the jufei equipment department will continue to face the difficulties, optimism, and excellence in the spirit of struggle, and continue to advance, and continue to contribute to the development of jufei and the society! this is the excellent jufei people!