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praise the struggle of jufei - huang xu & lu fangchi

       jufei's customer satisfaction continues to improve, benefiting from lean management, benefiting from the “three concerns” of gathering (focusing on goals, focusing on contributions, focusing on results), and benefiting from the yeast role of frontline employees.  i am here to introduce you to the two colorful flying pigeons today- huang xu and lu fangchi.

       a drop of water can only be done if it is put into the sea. only when one integrates himself into the collective can he have power. why can a nail on a wooden board be nailed in because it has two strengths: one is squeeze and the other is drill.



       ​ huang xu who is a staff member of the warehousing department is a solid wooden nail and an excellent employee of jufei. in march 2018, huang xu joined the wuhu jufei family. in the face of the shortage of warehouse staff, he actively promoted the spirit of gathering, practiced the "three concerns", and one took the initiative to undertake all the work of the finished warehouse, from warehousing, sub-contracting, to delivery, he did every step. behave in an orderly manner, and complete the work tasks on time and in good quality and quantity. the word "serious" became his famous letter, which made him unanimously recognized by his colleagues. under his influence, the work of the warehousing department has taken on a new look.


       lu fangchi is also a key wooden nail for gathering. since he joined the company for more than a year, his personal thoughts have been positive, and he have been able to unite my colleagues and have a strong work ability. lu fangchi is often helpful and often shares his work experience with others without reservation. he has won the respect and trust of his colleagues. during the team leader's leave, lu fangchi represented the team leader in march 2019. he led the department staff to complete all the daily work of the raw material warehouse with high standards. at 2 o'clock on march 25th, 2019, lu fangchi volunteered to work overtime in the case of urgent need for the materials to go online. due to his strong sense of responsibility, the finished product was guaranteed. his serious shots and solid work have won the praise of his colleagues.
       lei feng said: people's lives are limited, but serving the people is limitless. i have to dedicate my limited life to serve the people infinitely.
       it is the value. undoubtedly, huang xu and lu fangchi shined like leds in ordinary positions. they realized their own value with their own meager strength and strong sense of responsibility, and they got the approval of everyone. we must learn like huang xu and lu fangchi, and carry forward the "nail" spirit in my position. i hope that everyone will pass on the spirit of fighting and fighting, and for the vision of jufei, "pick up the sleeves and cheer."