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praise the struggle of jufei - li qinyan

       li qinyan said: "without the hard work experience, there will be no beautiful life track. personal struggle and your own efforts can help you and me for jufei."
       in the sound of the creaking machine, there is such a group of people who insist on quietly paying and working hard in their own jobs. they always use the enthusiasm of sweat to sway the youthful youth, and adhere to the attitude of “facing the difficulties, optimism and progress, and pursuing excellence” to actively do the struggle of the gathering; they always adhere to the “three concerns” with their own practical actions and to the excellent focus on. one of them is li qinyan, a girl who makes her for jufei.

       li qinyan of class b of jufei welding wire is an outstanding fighter. she not only worked hard, but also a key screw in the company. li qinyan joined jufei in march 2018. the words "careful" and "effort" became her endorsement. since joined the company, she has not only lived in harmony with her colleagues, but also worked diligently at work and has a high sense of responsibility. meanwhile, she is also very careful in her daily work. she is good at discovering problems. she always remembers to complete the production according to the highest standards of the products, so that "excellence" becomes her famous letter.
       in january of this year, when working on a model with a model of 3030, li qinyan found a problem with a box of materials. she immediately isolated the material and gave feedback to the team leader in the first time, effectively avoiding the occurrence of mixing anomalies. in mid-february and at the end of march, she found two times of chip reversal in time.         

       ​some people commented: "li qinyan is a girl who works hard. she has worked hard in her position. there have been no errors so far, and the monthly production capacity is 100%. she is strict with her own requirements, and every time she is in short supply. in the case, she took the initiative to ask, not only can she be responsible for several machines, but also able to lead her apprentices to achieve "zero problems".
       her leadership also believes that she is an outstanding fighter. from a newcomer who knows nothing, through her own study and hard work, she has become a good person today. every step she takes is a testimony of li qinyan's hard work. everyone should learn from her.
       li qinyan has not only been unanimously recognized by the company and the leaders, but also a good example for the partners of jufei. jufei needs talented people like li qinyan.