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praise the struggle of jufei - ma hengji

       the employees of jufei always pay quietly, and they use their own actions to make everything perfect. jufei employees inherit the culture of gathering.
       at the company headquarters​, we often see a busy figure, who is ma hengji at the headquarters of jufei. ma hengji is very familiar with the company's production process. he has a wealth of project experience in advancing the work, which makes him more adept at learning and summing up his experience. when the department or a colleague asks him to help him to do something, ma hengji will always accept it.


        when huizhou jufei moved in the same year, he actively convened the responsible persons of various departments to formulate the relocation plan, and clearly defined the relocation products and the management system of the shipping system. in the implementation of the plan, he organized the relocation meeting every month and corrected the relocation plan in time. on the day of the relocation of the production line equipment, he personally coordinated the relocation work on the spot and made the relocation process smooth. after the relocation, he followed up the equipment commissioning and trial production, and witnessed the whole process of production and production of huizhou jufei.
       with the experience of huizhou jufei production relocation, he moved to huizhou in jufei optical and still silently supported optical work. because the time when optics moved from shenzhen to huizhou was just during the mid-autumn festival holiday, there were fewer people, and optical colleagues were assigned to huizhou and shenzhen, which made the situation of insufficient staff more difficult. ma hengji was responsible for the relocation work at the shenzhen site. the optical team went to huizhou to receive and install the work, which improved the impact on relocation and installation while reducing the impact on capacity and customer delivery.
       the position represents responsibility and the effort can change everything! the spirit of ma hengji's dedication to work is worth learning and learning.