jufei optoelectronics ranks 220th among shenzhen top 500 enterprises
jufei optoelectronics ranks 220th among shenzhen top 500 enterprises

on august 8th, the list of “top 500 enterprises in shenzhen in 2019” was announced. jufei optoelectronics ranked 220th among the top 500 enterprises in shenzhen.

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jufei 2020 yearly channel agent signing ceremony held successfully

        on june 15th, 2020, at the beginning of summer th​at everything thrives, jufei invited its long-term partners to gather together and sign the annual agency agreement.

        before signing the agreement, the assistant of marketing center director gave a brief analysis on the contributions and developments of jufei’s channel agents in recent 3 years, introduced the development plan of channel agents in 2020, elaborated the key points of change agents management policy, including price, forecast, project management, and agency termination mechanism. once again he emphasized on the rights and obligations of each party and clarified the requirement that agent shall made commitment on the annual sales goal. 

on behalf of jufei, marketing center director mr. zeng xuewei indicated that jufei would have more timely communications with partners and give more supports to them. he emphasized the partnership between jufei and its agents, expressed the willingness to work with agents with absolute sincerity and to achieve a win-win cooperation. he also said that jufei attaches great importance to the promotion of agency business and encourages all agents actively feedback the market situation, actively strengthen information exchange and friendly cooperation with other agent partners and jufei company. jufei will provide comprehensive resource support according to business needs to help agents conquer the market, increase the market share of jufei products and expand brand advantage.

under the witness of president xing meizheng, general manager gao siqign, director of general manager’s office zeng guangquan, vice director of product solutions dept. li yunhua and supervisor of audit dept. liu hanlin, amidst the warm applause, marketing center director zeng xuewei, on behalf of the company, signed the 2020 annual agency agreement with each agent.微信图片_20200902084535.jpg        after signing the agreements, president xing authorized some the agents as jufe’s ‘gold medal agent’. zeng guangquan, li yunhua, qu dejiu and cai liang authorized some of the agents as jufei’s ‘silver medal agent’. the validity of ‘gold medal agent’ authorization is 3 years, base on jufei’s administrative measures for channel agents.微信图片_20200902084735.jpg


the company’s management president xing and general manager etc., then shook hands with agents and took group photos. after that product manager zhou shiguan gave an introduction to jufei’s new products and new technology. qq图片20200902085346.jpg         during the communication, director of general manger’s office zeng guangquan indicated that he welcomed all the agents and would give great support to channel marketing in regard of coordinating internal resources, creating an atmosphere of fair and equitable cooperation, making strategic plan and sharing informations.

 marketing center director zeng made a conclusive summary. he said 2020 was a year full of challenge. but he firmly believe that under the cooperation between jufe and each agent, with timely information exchange, regular communication, jufei and its agents will progress, develop together, make significant improvement in promoting jufei’s new products, expanding new market, conquering new business difficulties so that to fulfill the annual business goal.

 general manger gao and director zeng invited agents to dinner at night. in a warm atmosphere where the host and the guest are chatting and laughing, the signing ceremony completed successfully.