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in february 2019  jufei optoelectronics won the shenzhen patent award​

in august 2019     jufei optoelectronics ranks 220th among the top 500 in shenzhen​

in january 2018      huizhou jufei optoelectronics successfully put into operation

in january 2018      jufei signed a strategic cooperation agreement with lg

in april 2018           jufei optoelectronics passed the aec-q102 vehicle led verification

in june 2018           huizhou jufei optoelectronics offically put into operation

in june 2018           jufei optoelectronics won the china patent award excellence award.

in july 2018            wuhu jufei optoelectrionics technology was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise 

in october 2018     jufei optoelectronics continued to be recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and a high-tech enterprise in shenzhen

in december 2018  jufei optoelectronics obtained the intellectual property management system certification

 in january 2017   huizhou jufei optoelectronics won the national green manufacturing system integration project

 in ​february 2017 jufei optoelectronics won the top 50 chinese electronic information r&d innovation capabilities in 2017

 in march 2017      jufei optoelectronics won the honorary title of guangdong intellectual property advantage enterprise

 in april 2017        jufei optoelectronics won the national labor certificate

 in july 2017         jufei optoelectronics' revenue exceeded 2 billion yuan

in march 2016         the small-pitch display led 1010 products were successfully launched

in june 2016           the laboratory was recognized by the national cnas and obtained a certificate

in june 2016           the ipd r&d management system was introduced to comprehensively improve the r&d management level

in september 2016 the ie team was established to deepen the lean management promotion

in october 2016​      it was approved by guangdong engineering technology r&d center

in november 2016  the company's annual revenue exceeded 1 billion mark

in may 2015        huizhou jufei optoelectronics, wuhu jufei optoelectronics, jufei (hong kong) development co., ltd. was established

in august 2015  jufei optoelectronics was rated as one of the top 500 enterprises in guangdong province

in january 2014  the 64th place in the 2013 china sme forbes list

in june 2014       jufei optoelectronic technology center was recognized as shenzhen municipal technology center

in june 2014       jufei optoelectronic pinghu new industrial park was put into use


in august 2013  jufei optical materials co., ltd. was established


in march 2012  it was successfully listed on the growth enterprise market of shenzhen stock exchange, stock code: 300303

in june 2012    the 2011 shenzhen independent innovation top 100 smes


in january 2011  jufei optoelectronics won the "2010 national torch plan key high-tech enterprise"

in may 2011         the company won the "2010 china led most growth enterprise"


in june 2010  the industry expanded and the company moved to longhua plant


in may 2009         the company held a lean management project kick-off meeting

in october 2009  shenzhen jufei was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and a key high-tech enterprise of the national torch program

in june 2008 shenzhen jufei optoelectronics co., ltd. officially started its restructuring and listing

in march 2007 it passed the certification of shenzhen high-tech enterprise

in 2006​lauched 0603 and 335 side view product

in september 2005 jufei optoelectronics was established