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corporate social responsibility

in order to enrich the staff's amateur cultural life and enhance the cohesiveness and vitality of the staff, on the morning of april 27th, it was hosted by the huinan high-tech industrial park general union, and the huinan park trade union confederation and huizhou jufei optoelectronics co., ltd. the huinanyuan volunteers association co-organized the “dynamic dreams and hand in hand” business activities held in the jufeiguang power plant area, which attracted more than 300 employees.

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at noon on march 28th, shenzhen jufei optoelectronics held a charity sale charity event in the headquarters square

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may 20, 2017 is the day of love! on this special day, jf organized " hand in hand heart even love to convey you and me" free blood donation activities in the company.

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world earth day, let's start from the side, start from the dribs and drabs; love the environment, with the heart of the red child, more with the heart of fear, to the earth's mother birthday.

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