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corporate social responsibility

elegant book donation study happiness book list sent to the mountains

        books are the source of human wisdom, and they are the ladder of progress in human civilization; children are the future of the world and the hope of the world. today, modern educational knowledge is rapidly iteratively updated, and education in the mountains is not only very poor, but also lacks resources.
        jufei optoelectronics recruits employees from remote areas of guizhou, guangxi and yunnan all the year round. it provides pre-employment training, activity fund subsidies, medical subsidies and other benefits for employees. it is also committed to building a good development platform for employees to help the employment of poor mountain students. and development. in order to better fulfill social responsibilities, help more children of dashan to explore the world and explore the world. in june, the human resources department launched a social welfare activity in the company that “the gathering of ocean love of books – donating books for guizhou mountain schools”.
        activity initiative:
        after the launch of the human resources department's activity proposal in early june, many enthusiastic colleagues responded positively. some of our colleagues' families and children are actively involved. by writing cards and writing greetings, we will pass on the enthusiasm for life and the courage to face difficulties to the small partners in the mountains.


         in order to carry forward the traditional virtues of china, and to cultivate the basic education in the mountainous area, after the communication, the company also prepared the xinhua dictionary and other reference books for the children, as well as the traditional cultural materials such as the disciples and the sanzijing, totaling 220 books.
         into the mountains:
         baihua primary school is located in a small mountain village about 27 kilometers away from chun'an county. the traffic is very inconvenient and isolated.
        in the morning, colleagues from the human resources department drove to the campus. the principal of baihua primary school thanked the company for its charity activities and donations, and led the hr staff to visit the campus. the school has only one class and one preschool class from one to three grades. the total number of students is only more than 40 people receive basic compulsory education at school. on behalf of the company, mr. huang spoke on the hope that the children will learn chinese traditional culture earnestly and draw on a steady stream of spiritual strength. when they grow up, they will become useful to the society. after the children got the book, a simple thank you, a sincere and touching, a classic reciting of a sentence, swaying and listening.



        at the end of the donation activities, hr colleagues and class teachers at baihua primary school understand the family and learning situation of each student, master the basic living conditions, problems and needs of the children in the school, and conduct research for follow-up public welfare activities and targeted assistance. . the school informed the school that almost all students are left-behind children, and some are still severely ill children. the problem of staying at home has always been the "pain point" left by china's modern social transformation and urbanization. most of the left-behind children have lost their family members during the growth period, and it is more likely to cause many social problems. however, the principal also responded that the number of children who have studied in the past two years has increased, because more and more parents who work outside the home recognize the importance of knowledge. when the child reaches school age, he is sent to the school to receive compulsory education.
        one word and one sentence, hand in hand to illuminate the mountain education project; one heart and one line, gather together to write a big love for the urban and rural chapters!
        in jufei, social welfare has never stopped, and love helps students to learn and hinder. our gathering people should take their own actions, actively practice social responsibility, and jointly help mountain education to protect the healthy growth of mountain children.