jufei optoelectronics ranks 220th among shenzhen top 500 enterprises
jufei optoelectronics ranks 220th among shenzhen top 500 enterprises

on august 8th, the list of “top 500 enterprises in shenzhen in 2019” was announced. jufei optoelectronics ranked 220th among the top 500 enterprises in shenzhen.

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congratulations to shenzhen jufei technology center for being awarded the title of "national enterprise technology center"

recently, the national development and reform commission, ministry of science and technology, ministry of finance, general administration of customs and state administration of taxation jointly awarded shenzhen jufei optoelectronics co.,ltd technology center with the title of "national recognized enterprise technology center". this is another honor for jufei in the science and technology innovation platform after it won the title of "shenzhen enterprise technology center" and "guangdong engineering technology research center", marking that jufei's enterprise technology innovation system ranks among the "national team".

the company has always adhered to the concept of "leading technology, continuous innovation", established a perfect innovation encouragement mechanism, and continued to carry out technology and product innovation. at present, the company annual investment in r&d has exceeded 100 million yuan, and it has nearly 400 r&d personnel in the enterprise technology center. the available space covers 2,800 square meters, including 1,000 square meters of laboratory for experimental testing. the company has established standardized design platforms for optics, thermal and structure and shenzhen postdoctoral innovation practice base. it provides favorable conditions for the continuous innovation and breakthrough of the company's technology.

relying on the enterprise technology center, shenzhen jufei has made a series of technological innovation achievements. currently shenzhen has more than 500 self-owned patents and 260 authorized patents, including 63 authorized invention patents. it has won shenzhen patent award and china patent excellence award successively. the company actively participates in the establishment of a number of led industry standards and has issued and implemented 16 industrial standards, providing an important guarantee for the development of industry technology. in terms of technology and product planning, the company has formed a good development situation of backlight led, lighting led, and actively expand automotive led, display led, mini/micro led, invisible light, optical film, optical devices and other high-end packaging business.

"national enterprise technology center" is the highest level of enterprise innovation platform in china. the honor of national enterprise technology center represents the high recognition for the company's r&d strength and scientific and technological innovation. it is of great significance for the company to enjoy enterprise tax preferential policies and special subsidies, enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, develop high-end market at home and abroad, and further enhance its industry position. the company will continue to optimize the technology research and development management system and build a more competitive technology platform based on the state-certified enterprise technology center platform. at the same time, it will play a benchmarking and demonstration role as a national enterprise technology center, leading the industry to develop in a healthy way!