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employee activities - the " labor model" for " may 1" stick to the post

        at the 2017 “may 1st” international labor day and work model commendation conference of guangdong province, our company was awarded the “national may 1st labor award” by the all-china federation of trade unions. it is because of the long-term commitment and sweat of all employees of the company that the company can continue to advance and strive forward.

in order to meet the customer needs of the “may 1st” holiday, many employees give up the rare vacation time, actively practice the “first responsible person” awareness and adhere to their respective jobs with a high sense of responsibility, and play the “nail mentality”. ", fully coordinate resources, teamwork of various departments, and jointly realize the corporate mission of creating value for customers!"

        for the "may 1st", they still struggled to express their feelings in the colleagues of their respective posts:

        willing to squeeze the "nail spirit"​.

        colleague of the planning department: although it is a may day holiday, there are still many people in the company who are sticking to their posts. we are the most lovely people! everyone has their own duties and strives to meet the needs of customers' holidays. as a planning engineer, we are like a "screw", playing its strength, in order to meet the customer's delivery, reminding all materials and progress; at the same time playing its "crowding", through data collation and technology research and other measures, 360 ° mining all the inventory that can be shipped, and constantly strive to improve the company's shipping rate. i would like to take this opportunity to say: cute people, you have worked hard! finally, i wish you all a happy holiday!

        my colleagues from the planning department: first of all, i would like to congratulate us on jufei’s honorary title of “national may 1st labor award”. i am very proud to be a member of jufei. in order to meet the delivery of customer orders, we still stick to our posts today. only with the nails "nails" insist on making every effort to follow up, each order can be delivered to the customer on time, quality and quantity. only by our wholehearted service can we make our customers worry, rest assured and comfortable, and win the trust of our customers. finally, i wish you all a happy may day!


        customer orientation teamwork

        production department colleagues: in order to meet the customer's delivery, our production department's unique small partners are united to improve efficiency and complete production tasks. i am going out to play with my friends. i wish you a happy holiday. i will not give you any praise in the circle of friends. i will leave zandu to our friends who are struggling in the production line. thank you for your hard work. let us keep moving forward and cheer! note: do not pick up your sleeves, pay attention to static electricity protection.



         colleagues in the r&d department: r&d work is customer-oriented and strives to meet customer needs. intimate service is an important guarantee for winning orders and improving company efficiency. customers have urgent needs. we must try our best to coordinate resources, teamwork, whenever wherever, we must be satisfied.



        today, the customer has a batch of emergency trial production orders. under the teamwork of production, quality, r&d and other departments, everyone has done their best to finally complete the order delivery in time. i believe that there is no perfect individual, only a perfect team. as long as we have practiced the important thinking of "three concerns" and exert the spirit of teamwork, we believe that jufei will be able to take it to the next level and to a respectable world-class enterprise. further move forward.

         i am the "first responsible person".

        colleague of the engineering department: may 1st small holiday originally planned to take a good rest, but yesterday afternoon received the business notice, the first batch of trial orders of an international customer must be produced according to plan today, in order to ensure product quality and delivery, project team members must follow up . although it is a holiday period, we must fulfill the “first responsible person” behavior standard, according to the division of labor, on-site follow-up to complete the process verification of the order to ensure quality; at the same time, complete the operation according to the planned cycle to meet customer needs, and to internationalize the company. strategic goals to achieve!

        because of the special nature of the work, as long as the customer needs the goods, our oqc needs to check the products, whether it is working hours or non-working hours, as long as it is related to my work, i have the responsibility to be responsible. although busy, it is very rewarding to be able to work in an orderly manner.

​        there are also a lot of "model workers" who have dedicated their holidays to their work, who are still patient, enthusiastic and responsible. they are thankful for your dedication, hard work, and the most glorious and laborious work. the most noble and powerful sound.

        it is hoped that all jufei people will actively practice the guiding ideology of "three concerns", teamwork and innovation, with a high sense of responsibility and sense of ownership, and strive to achieve the great vision of becoming a respectable world-class enterprise!