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praise the struggle of jufei - wang xueli

       some girls are beautiful because of their high values. some girls are beautiful because of dressing. other girls are wise and beautiful, and one of the most beautiful girls in jufei is the quality department - wang xueli. not only does she grow smart, but more importantly, she treats the “four realities” of her work (honest, practical, solid, and pragmatic), making her one of the most beautiful women.
       wang xueli is a honest female colleague. since joined jufei, she has been working in a high spirit every day. not only she is honest about her work, but her work is always strict with her own requirements, and her work is strictly controlled. she often works in the attitude of “i am the first responsible person” and always adheres to the three principles of “not manufacturing defective products, not receiving defective products, and not discharging bad products”. she often leads the team to effectively intercept and prevent various stations. prevents bad products from flowing into the next process.


        wang xueli is a solid girl. she is responsible for smt process quality first inspection, material inspection and process compliance inspection. she is always diligent in her work, especially since she insists on using quality data to measure work standards. whether it is the first inspection of the product or the overall inspection, she can always see her busy figure. and her hot pillow and persistent image of her work infected her colleagues.
        wang xueli is a practical girl. on march 10th, 2019, when she was inspecting the electric station, she found that there was a dead light in the electric station. after careful understanding, she contacted the repair station. after careful investigation of the problem, it was found that the connector bin pin caused the skew, she immediately reported the situation to the relevant departments, effectively stopped the outflow of defective products, and prevented the occurrence of customer complaints.



        wang xueli is also a pragmatic employee. on the night shift on march 23th, 2019, wang xueli discovered the lamp bead shift phenomenon when he inspected the post-furnace inspection station on the y-line production line. she sampled a board with a defect rate of 12%. after analysis, a total of 7 bad products were found. therefore, she extracted the bad light strips for electrical measurement and found the cause of the dead lights. it is precisely because of wang xueli's pragmatic style that the deviation of the lamp beads is found in time to effectively control the expansion of the adverse effects of the dead lights.
        mr. wang, the director of the quality center, warns everyone that quality is the bridge connecting customers, and quality is the lifeline of the company.
it is precisely because of such a group of beautiful girls who work hard, jufei's products can always get the praise of customers. jufei has won the favor of customers because of its quality. jufei has let us know because of its vision and mission.
       wang xueli who is in jufei now is a smart girl .