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the most beautiful may day, thanksgiving mother's day

        general secretary xi jinping pointed out that the chinese nation has always attached importance to the family. the traditional chinese family virtues are memorized and integrated into the hearts and blood of every chinese. they are an important spiritual force supporting the chinese nation's endless life and passing on the fire. it is a valuable spiritual wealth for the construction of family civilization. only a cohesive family can promote it. a cohesive team.

        "mother and filial daughter" is the traditional virtue of the chinese nation. it promotes chinese traditional culture, practices the company's core values, and assumes the social responsibility of guiding employees to respect and care for their families. it also strengthens the two-way communication and exchange between the company and its employees. thanks to all employees. with the family's selfless dedication and wholehearted support for the development of our company, on may 20th, the human resources center organized the first employee family day event with the theme of “most beautiful may day, thanksgiving mother's day”.



        the first family day event of jufei invited 6 families of employees who lived in public rental housing to participate. at 9:30 on the morning of may 20th, the company shuttle bus carrying the staff's family members slowly followed the staff's eager anticipation. under the guidance and arrangement of the staff, the families of the employees are seated in the training room in an orderly manner. at the beginning of the event, colleagues from the human resources center expressed warm welcome to the families on behalf of the company. in order to let the family members of the employees have a general understanding of the company, the human resources department colleagues explained and introduced the company's development profile, business products, business scale, salary and benefits, and organizational atmosphere.

        subsequently, in order to make the family of employees closer and more realistic to the company's working atmosphere and corporate culture, colleagues from the administrative department led the families of the employees to visit the company according to the established route. watching the clean and tidy office environment, advanced and excellent workshop equipment, and the well-organized iqc warehouse, the faces of the employees' families are filled with a proud and gratifying smile.

        after the visit, each employee's family returned to the training room to participate in the employee family symposium. first of all, the host expressed deep gratitude to the family members of the employees. it is precisely because of the silent support and dedication of the parents of the employees that colleagues can achieve outstanding achievements in their work and contribute to the company's contribution to the development of society. the staff then played a video for the family members. the video recorded the words that the participating employees wanted to express to the mother and the family. the love and gratitude that was usually shy in the opening was very sincere and beautiful. the employee mother watched the video. afterwards, they moved to tears. in the activity, there are more "singing mothers" and "send flowers to mothers". the melodious and moving songs echoed in the training room for a long time. during the speeches of the employees' families, many parents gave the company a heartfelt gratitude for providing such an opportunity to exchange visits. i hope that the children can work harder in such a good company. in the family competition, each family member sent two members to participate in the competition. the small children showed the happiness and satisfaction of a family in cooperation with their parents. at the end of the event, the staff gave each family a commemorative gift for the company's activities and organized a family dinner for the employees.

after lunch, mr. xing qibin, the chairman of the company, cordially expressed condolences to the employees' families and took photos with them. the family’s first family day event also ended successfully.

        as an employee, the family is our spiritual pillar and the source of our unremitting efforts; for the company, employees are important members of this big family. the old saying goes: "home and everything", employees are the cells of the company. every employee and family can unite their love and dedication, actively practice the company's core values, and play the spirit of teamwork, innovation and innovation. the wisdom of many families has come together to make unremitting efforts to achieve a beautiful corporate vision.