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praise the struggle of jufei - wang cheng

       enterprise management always follows the 2/8 law, and those who strive to become 20% of the company's business backbone will always be appreciated by the company.
       if the modern enterprise is fighting for outstanding talents,  wuhu jufei optoelectronics is happy to win such a talented person. he is the sqe assistant engineer wang cheng, who is the backbone of the company's efforts to become 20% people.

      he is a good roommate with attention to detail. the beginning of the acquaintance began with the allocation of dormitory. when he was assigned to our dormitory, he began to quietly clean the dormitory and wiped out the long-term  defects of our dormitory. he has maintained this style for a long time. his colleagues not only admire him, but also our dormitory members have acted together to make their dormitory a new look with his influence and influence,.
       he is a good employee who focuses on cost management. my second recognition was that i needed a sample cabinet in the iqc room. i was responsible for sporadic purchases. i originally planned to ask him to provide a sample or send me the link i saw on the online shopping, but he did not . under his leadership, wang cheng and i worked hard to reduce the price of the sample cabinet and saved the company's procurement cost by 50 rmb. wang cheng said: "employees who can pay attention to cost can become a gathering partner in the struggle."


       he is a good colleague with strong self-discipline. sometimes, he applied to purchase a mobile storage cabinet. i asked him what the purpose was​. he said: first, prevent outsiders from taking pictures at will. the second is to assist the company to supervise the employee's mobile phone. the third is to improve the overall image of the company. if you put your phone in the management area during business hours, you can give your employees a stronger sense of self-discipline, and employees will spend more time working instead of using a mobile phone. he believes that everyone will relax their requirements, especially when faced with personal needs and no one else to supervise, it will waste time reducing work. especially colleagues in the same office, in the pocket of the mobile phone during work hours, sometimes unconsciously come out to play. this affects both normal work and the overall image of the company. therefore, he suggested that iqc colleagues consciously manage the mobile phone in a unified manner and cultivate the self-discipline awareness of each employee. in this way, everyone will be able to gain something to gain growth in the gathering.
       life and work can make a person grow and become a role model for others to learn. the small details represent wang cheng's work style and personal life, and the small contribution is more reflected in the journey of jufei elite. through these few little stories, you can see wang cheng's radiation power, let every feifei employee take the initiative to learn from him, and be a struggling gather. those who pay attention to detail, those who always think about the company can keep up with the times. let us learn from the best and make 20% people of the backbone talents.