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an unforgettable company training event
an unforgettable company training event

in july, jufei optoelectronics applied for a group of recent graduates. in order to train 28 students to quickly become a qualified jufei staff, shenzhen headquarters launched a training and expansion activities for the “workplace dreamcatcher” training camp.

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jufei optoelectronics and toyota synthetic signed an agreement to obtain the other party's white led patent license

        with the rapid expansion of china's led industry, china's domestic market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and many led companies have begun to expand into the international market. some leading led companies hope to find international patent cooperation and quickly promote related businesses. at present, jufei optoelectronics and toyota synthetic signed an agreement to obtain the other party's white led patent license and reached a strategic cooperation in supply chain.
        toyota synthetic is a global technology leader in the led industry and a member of the b.o.s.e. patent alliance, with a patent portfolio of key technologies for white leds. on january 16th, jufei optoelectronics signed an agreement with toyota synthetic and officially became the white led manufacturer authorized by b.o.s.e. alliance. jufei enjoys the global production license of toyota white led.
        jufei optoelectronics has been widely recognized by customers through the continuous introduction of technologically advanced and reliable products. at present, jufei has not only become a backlight supplier for smartphones such as huawei, zte, and lenovo, but also is becoming the main supplier of domestic first-line tv brands such as hisense and skyworth. jufei's products highlight the cost-effective advantages and become the first choice for many international brand mobile phones to improve quality and reduce costs.
        yin jinghuang, chairman of the board of directors of jufei, told the china securities journal reporter that based on the development needs of customers and the company itself, in 2014, jufei proposed an international strategy and made positive progress on some high-end projects. he said, “because customers require us to provide patent guarantees, we have no way to guarantee in certain specific areas. this is the focus of many korean customers, taiwanese customers and domestic excellent companies in the process of expanding our international market in 2014. this is also the main reason for the small scale of cooperation between jufei optoelectronics international customers."
        at present, the penetration rate of backlight led products in mobile phones, computers and color tv has reached more than 90%. due to the continuous improvement of the quality of the terminal products, led products account for a small proportion of their cost. for example, the cost of led products used in smart phones is only 2 or 3 rmb. therefore, customers pay more attention to the quality of led products rather than price, and led companies that pay attention to product quality have more competitive advantages.
        according to the financial report data, jufei has grown strongly in recent years. during the five years from 2008 to 2013, the company's revenue grew at a compound annual growth rate of 48%, and its net profit compound annual growth rate exceeded 34%. the company expects net profit growth in 2014 to be between 30% and 45%, with a net profit of approximately 170 million to 190 million yuan; last year the figure was 130 million rmb. mr. yin jinghuang said, “jufei optoelectronics has always been a world-class enterprise as a target. after obtaining the toyota synthetic patent license, the company is expected to completely open up the international market.”
        it is reported that in addition to signing the white led intellectual property license with toyota synthetic, jufei also signed a chip supply strategic agreement with toyota synthetic subsidiary fengjing optoelectronics. yin jinghuang said, "the company's supply chain strategic cooperation with toyota synthetic has built a comprehensive patent protection from chip to led white light application, which will better support the international expansion of the company and its customers."​