an unforgettable company training event-pg电子游戏


an unforgettable company training event
an unforgettable company training event

in july, jufei optoelectronics applied for a group of recent graduates. in order to train 28 students to quickly become a qualified jufei staff, shenzhen headquarters launched a training and expansion activities for the “workplace dreamcatcher” training camp.

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an unforgettable company training event

        in the summer of july, jufei optoelectronics had hired a group of recent graduates who were full of youthful and full of blood. when they  finished their life on the university campus, they opened a new chapter in their career.
       in order to help 28 new employees quickly become a qualified jufei's staff, the shenzhen headquarters launched a “workplace dream catcher” activity, which was organized by the human resources department.


       the "workplace dream catcher" training camp was held on the morning of july 8th. mr. luo from the human resources department was invited to participate in the mobilization activities. at the ceremony, he encouraged everyone not to forget their initial thoughts and study hard from now on, and he said:" first of all, i hope that everyone will soon integrate into the culture of jufei and strive to be a struggler. secondly, i hope that everyone will always maintain the same attitude of continuous learning as the university, and learn from the imaginative guides and outstanding people."
       the one-week training camp includes morning training, professional training, and outdoor development. the purpose of these contents is to hone the mentality and will of employees to overcome difficulties, so that everyone can constantly break through the self, pursue excellence, and quickly integrate into the culture of gathering.


       on the afternoon of july 12th, jufei held a graduation ceremony. mr. ge from the ie team and mr. luo from the human resources department praised the positive attitudes shown by the trainees during the training. the instructors shared their experiences and cases for the students who entered the company. during the meeting, employee zhang pengyu took the initiative to speak on the stage. he said: "i am very grateful for the opportunity given by jufei. we will definitely study harder and take up the responsibility and obligation as a gathering person to make contributions to the development of society and the company. "
       on july 14th, the students conducted passionate training at the china wolf development the ice-breaking project, the students showed their enthusiasm and the wind and rain warrior and zhadudu project, everyone learned the division of labor and team integration.


       in the project of flying the luding bridge, faced with huge challenges and faced with repeated failures, everyone not only did not give up, but also worked together to overcome difficulties and complete the challenge.


       through the activity, the students have achieved personal growth with a learning-oriented attitude, and also enhanced their collective sense of honor and innovation.


        focusing on goals, focusing on contributions and focusing on results, this is the ​spirit of jf.