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an unforgettable company training event
an unforgettable company training event

in july, jufei optoelectronics applied for a group of recent graduates. in order to train 28 students to quickly become a qualified jufei staff, shenzhen headquarters launched a training and expansion activities for the “workplace dreamcatcher” training camp.

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6s management creates benefits, safety education brings happiness

       on july 17th​,  the safety committee of huizhou jufei optoelectronics organized an educational activity on the theme of “6s management creates benefits and safety education brings happiness”.the content includes common sense safety knowledge such as fire safety, traffic safety and parent-child education. a total of 67 managers from jufei optics and huizhou jufei participated in the training. 

       in the activities, teacher chen deeply analyzed the dangers of fatigue driving, drunk driving and illegal driving through several typical road traffic accidents and detailed traffic accident data, so that everyone realized that importance.


       teacher li introduced the importance of fire safety through vivid anime pictures and typical cases. he asked everyone to strictly implement the safety regulations in accordance with the requirements of the group's lean management, always keeping in mind the safety regulations of “finishing, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning, safety and literacy” so as not to damage or privately use fire-fighting facilities and equipment. especially , teacher li organized and demonstrated the essentials of fire-fighting equipment. through case studies, all managers realize the importance of safety.



       teacher zheng said: "parent-child education is a particularly important education in a family, which is related to the healthy growth and development of the children." she stressed that we must guide children in a proper way so that children can grow up healthily. during the course of the lecture, teacher  zheng systematically answered that how to be a safe parent. teacher’s explanation is comprehensive and  all of the managers know about that how to manage the staffs.



       the safety education activity not only consolidates the ideological foundation of employees, more importantly, it has cultivated a group of managers who understand safety through a combination of theory and practice, which laid the foundation for the group's ​ lean management.