jufei optoelectronics ranks 220th among shenzhen top 500 enterprises
jufei optoelectronics ranks 220th among shenzhen top 500 enterprises

on august 8th, the list of “top 500 enterprises in shenzhen in 2019” was announced. jufei optoelectronics ranked 220th among the top 500 enterprises in shenzhen.

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this is a solemn promise from jufei


dear partners,

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. novel coronavirus pneumonia swept through the land of china, but whole country is united and overcome the difficulties. in this special spring, jufei sends sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to you, and wishes you, your family and employees good health, good luck and peace! thank you for your concern, understanding and support for our work during the epidemic!


as one of the first enterprises approved to resume work in shenzhen, jufei strictly implements various epidemic prevention measures and control plans released by shenzhen government and arranged employees to return to shenzhen in a safe and orderly manner, to ensure step-by-step recovery of production capacity. although the epidemic situation is serious, people are more united. jufei staffs will face difficulties and strive for innovation, and will continue to provide customers with the best services. we solemnly promise:

1.peopleoriented, safety first: jufei always puts the safety of employees, customers,suppliers and related parties first. on the first day of the lunar new year,the company established an emergency management team for epidemic prevention and carried out an emergency plan. before resuming work, the company strictly implemented epidemic prevention actions required by the government, including disinfection in the plant area, dormitories, canteens and office areas and related training and education. after resuming work, we take the temperature ofthe staff, provides masks, makes disinfection regularly. the employees consciously follow the epidemic prevention requirements and report their personal health status every day, do a good job of all staff protection.

2.customeroriented, service first: the epidemic may isolate on-site support, but cannot isolate jufei's sincere service to customers! all employees shall adjust intime, adopt various flexible office methods such as remote office, video conference, enterprise wechat, email, qq, etc., to maintain effective communication with customers at home and abroad. jufei has started the 7d / 24h working mode, which is highly efficient with suppliers and close connectionwith customers to fully meet business needs.
3.orderlyresumption of production, quality first: at present, the company has sufficientanti epidemic materials reserve, orderly supply of raw materials, personnel resumption rate of more than 80%, and production capacity of shenzhen, huizhou and wuhu has risen steadily. according to the urgent needs of customers, thecompany adjusts the plan and production schedule in time to meet the delivery requirements. quality is jufei's business card, but also a bridge to connect customers, jufei will continue to provide customers with high-quality products.

4.socialresponsibility and commitment first: as a leading enterprise in led backlight industry, jufei is committed to the society, cares for its employees andactively contributes to the epidemic prevention work: the company opens a green production and delivery channel for the suppliers of epidemic prevention materials to ensure that the epidemic prevention materials are in place intime; the company provides paid holidays for hubei colleagues until the end ofthe epidemic. multiple recruitment positions will be opened to the society and quarantine allowance will be provided to the candidates, so that the candidates have no worries.

let's hand in hand,overcome the difficulties together,let's move forward bravely!
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