jufei optoelectronics ranks 220th among shenzhen top 500 enterprises
jufei optoelectronics ranks 220th among shenzhen top 500 enterprises

on august 8th, the list of “top 500 enterprises in shenzhen in 2019” was announced. jufei optoelectronics ranked 220th among the top 500 enterprises in shenzhen.

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letter of thanks from the state council

this was a sudden "war of epidemic", wherever it goes; it tests the determination of the warriors;

this is a “war” without smoke, wherever it rapes, it challenges people's belief in victory;

during this critical period, the whole country united. when disaster strikes, help comes from all sides;

jufei strictly implemented anti-epidemic requirements and actively promote anti-epidemic measures;

jufei actively responded to the government's deployment in fighting covid-19, fearless of difficulties, and bravely shoulder social responsibilities;

fighting against the epidemic and build an impregnable fortress;

transmit love with infrared temperature sensors;

the dark clouds cannot cover the rising sun, and the epidemic cannot stop the power of true love;

this letter of thanks is the recognition and praise of jufei’s efforts;

jufei will be prudent as always and continue to work hard to make new achievements. 

joint prevention and control mechanism (medical supplies guarantee team) of the state council in response to new coronavirus pneumonia

 letter of thanks

to shenzhen jufei optoelectronics co., ltd:

since the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the whole country and the broad masses of the people united and worked together under the centralized and unified leadership of the party central committee with comrade xi jinping at the core and in accordance with the requirements of the central leading group for response to the outbreak and the joint prevention and control mechanism of the state council. at present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control continued to improve, production and living order accelerated to resume. positive results have been achieved in promoting the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.

in the process of national epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production, infrared temperature sensor is a key component of infrared thermometer. in the production and supply guarantee of infrared temperature sensors, your company responded to the national call immediately, overcame all difficulties, urgently organized workers to resume work, worked overtime to carry out production and supply, and consciously obeyed the deployment arrangements of the medical supplies guarantee group of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the state council. your company actively participated in the "union war" of infrared sensors, cooperated with our ministry to continue to provide infrared sensor to packaging services to the national intelligent sensor innovation center, which quickly increased market supply, making outstanding contributions to domestic epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production in various industries.

here, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to your company! we hope that your company will continue to work hard and be prudent as always, and strive to make new achievements for a full victory in fighting against covid-19.