jufei optoelectronics ranks 220th among shenzhen top 500 enterprises
jufei optoelectronics ranks 220th among shenzhen top 500 enterprises

on august 8th, the list of “top 500 enterprises in shenzhen in 2019” was announced. jufei optoelectronics ranked 220th among the top 500 enterprises in shenzhen.

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the signing ceremony of jufei optoelectronics 2020 target responsibility commitment was successfully held

    colorful spring comes after cold winter ends. in order to better implement the company's development strategy, guide all employees to actively implement the "three concerns", fully promote the teamwork spirit, and successfully reach the company's 2020 business goals, company hr department, jointly with manager office, held signing ceremony of jufei optoelectronics 2020 target responsibility commitment in master meeting room in building a on 8th april, 2020. more than ten management leaders including the president of company, general manager, and directors of each center attended the ceremony.  

    first of all, president xing meizheng addressed a speech, during which he emphasized: under the difficulties caused by the global epidemic, the competitiveness is the comprehensive strength of an enterprise. only in adversity can the difference between an excellent enterprise and an ordinary enterprise be truly reflected. at this time, only we do better and keep pursuing excellence, can we lead our opponents. the more difficult situation we are in, the more determined we should be. the enterprise, which can endure the test of difficulty, can be called as a real excellent enterprise. otherwise our corporate vision is empty talk.

    affected by the covid-19, the external environment we are in is full of uncertainty and we’re facing huge challenges. at this time, only if we tackle the difficulties head on and constantly challenge ourselves can we withstand the test of the market!

    later on, general manager gao siqing, representing the company, signed president xing meizheng.


    in the end, the center directors, representing their own center, signed jufei 2020 commitment with general manager gao siqing and posted a group photo.2.jpg    the signing of the target responsibility commitment clarifies the company's direction and focus in 2020. it is an oath that is not only a simple commitment to the achievement of strategic goals, but also a deep understanding of the mission, courage and confidence to lead the team to go all out and contribute to the achievement of strategic goals. with the joint efforts of all colleagues, we believe that the business goals for 2020 will be successfully achieved.

the oath:

    actively implement the three concerns, stimulate employees' sense of innovation, take the lead, and establish a good organizational atmosphere;

​    carry out the duties of the position conscientiously; exert the spirit of teamwork, go all out to complete the various business objectives.

    i am willing to abide by the company's "management regulations for managerial staff" and relevant provisions of performance management, and obey the company's arrangements.