the 7th china information technology expo was grandly opened
the 7th china information technology expo was grandly opened

on april 9th, 2019, shenzhen jufei optoelectronics co., ltd. participated in the 7th china information technology expo held in shenzhen, china.

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the world's first 27-inch 4k panoramic intelligent interactive sliding screen released using jufei automotive-grade mini led


    recently, the new third-generation saic rx5 opened access for blind booking, and the all-round evolution of the "emotional interactive intelligent cockpit" made a stunning appearance. notably, the world's first 27-inch 4k panoramic intelligent interactive sliding screen made with jufei mini led, while ensuring that the mini led central control screen provides a huge field of vision for drivers and passengers, it also realizes a super-sensing shift of 300mm on the left and right sides, which enhances the emotional interaction of drivers and passengers and the sense of technology is directly full. 

mini led 27-inch 4k panoramic large screen

endow space with emotion and technology with humanity


      electrification is the first half, and intelligence is the second half. in addition to a strong sense of technology and a cool visual, the large-size car screen is also a terminal for many intelligent applications and car-machine interaction. the 27-inch panoramic super-sensing smart sliding screen, with jufes local dimming automotive mini led panel as its core, is the world's first super-sensing sliding screen in the industry. using sliding screen as the carrier to break the physical boundaries and emotional barriers between the driver and co-driver, and provide a sharing fun of travel for them. therefor it creates a new trend of in-vehicle display with panoramic display, multi-purpose on one screen, and full cabin interaction. 

   the panoramic super-sensing smart sliding large screen powered by jufeis automotive-grade mini led, equipped with different interactive forms in the driver and co-drivers area, can realize seamless switching of driving information, entertainment information, smart cinema, etc. it has become the core of the new generation of roewe intelligent cockpit interaction and promote the continuous upward breakthrough of its product.

 4k ultra hd local dimming

take the giant screen into the car and enjoy a visual feast


       the 27-inch panoramic super-sensing smart sliding large screen using jufei's industry first local dimming vehicle large-screen panel marks the coming of a diversified era of in-vehicle display technology. 

     with 4k resolution, 16.7 million colors, 85% ntsc wide color gamut and unique local dimming technology, it can achieve an ultra-high contrast ratio of 100,000:1, and then achieve 0nit black (black is darker), creating an immersive/soothing viewing mode. it has a clear viewing regardless of sunlight from a large angle, while reducing power consumption and light pollution in the cabin, it creates a comfortable and intelligent cockpit environment for users that integrates intelligent driving guidance, audio-visual entertainment, and ai interaction. 

      as an important carrier of intelligent cockpit, in- vehicle display is the main "battlefield" for car companies to create differentiated user experience. as a leading domestic led company, jufei always adheres to the development strategy of "endogenous extension, two-wheel drive", and expands to related industries on the basis of improving and strengthening the existing led business. relying on backlight led and lighting led, it has formed a good development situation of actively expanding new businesses such as display led, automotive led, mini/micro led, invisible light, optical films, optical devices and other high-end packaging. we are making unremitting efforts to realize the great vision of "becoming a respected world-class excellent enterprise". 

    since entering the field of automotive-grade led in 2012, jufei has always adhered to the principle of "quality is the bridge connecting customers", and continued to carry out technological innovation while ensuring product quality. with the rapid development of in-vehicle display technology and the rapid introduction of new energy vehicles, jufei will provide customers high-quality automotive display and lighting solutions on the basis of complete series of in-vehicle led ecological products, leading production capacity, profound technical strength and industrial chain access advantages and lead the new era of mini led vehicle display.