the 7th china information technology expo was grandly opened
the 7th china information technology expo was grandly opened

on april 9th, 2019, shenzhen jufei optoelectronics co., ltd. participated in the 7th china information technology expo held in shenzhen, china.

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jufei automotive-grade mini led assist li auto l9 in interactive screen, leading the era of diversified vehicle display


   on the evening of june 21, li auto officially released the world's "strongest family suv within 5 million yuan" built for families - li l9, which detonated the entire network almost instantly. the "hud jufei mini safe driving interactive screen" mode has set off a new trend of in-vehicle smart display. 


    in addition to the excellent vehicle design and dazzling appearance of the li l9, the most noteworthy aspect is its layout in on-board display. in addition to adopting the innovative "5-screen interactive" display mode, this model is the first in the world to be equipped with a car-grade mini led safety driving interactive screen designed with hud (head-up display) on the steering wheel. the car-grade mini led interactive screen light source is designed and produced by jufei, a leading enterprise in the domestic led industry. it adopts car-grade mini led technology and multi-touch technology, which can not only clearly display the necessary driving information, but also allow the instrument screen to achieve touch-based interaction for safe and convenient selection of various functions, including driving modes. the combination of hud and jufei vehicle-grade mini led safety driving interactive screen can display all effective driving-related information (including navigation and intelligent driving), completely liberating the 15.7-inch oled central control screen, whether it is map navigation or panoramic parking, etc. you can enjoy the full-screen shocking effect. 


    thanks to the extremely high peak brightness of the jufei car-grade mini led, even if it is often exposed to sunlight, the safe driving interactive screen can clearly display driving information and accurately realize touch-sensitive interaction. excellent display, lower power consumption, and longer lifespan also make it the best choice for flagship technology cockpits. 

  vehicle intelligence and electrification continue to promote the development of large-screen, multi-screen, and high-definition vehicle displays. vehicle-grade mini led screens have not only moved from the console to the full-vehicle interactive display, but also moved from the inside to the outside of the car. it marks that the vehicle display technology has ushered in a diversified era. the diverse and colorful car-level mini led displays inside and outside the car have gradually become the core interactive devices that promote the intelligence, quality and fashion of automobiles. 

    jufei has been deeply engaged in the field of automotive-grade leds for more than ten years. over the years, it has attached great importance to product quality, and has always adhered to "quality is the bridge connecting customers". with the rapid development of in-vehicle display technology, the rapid introduction of new energy vehicles, and the continuous increase in the number and area of screens in a single car, the in-vehicle display industry led by jufei is bound to usher in a new huge opportunity.