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an unforgettable company training event
an unforgettable company training event

in july, jufei optoelectronics applied for a group of recent graduates. in order to train 28 students to quickly become a qualified jufei staff, shenzhen headquarters launched a training and expansion activities for the “workplace dreamcatcher” training camp.

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jf won the “national labor day medal”

        on the morning of april 27th, it was learned from the just-concluded 2017 guangdong province “may 1st international labor day and labor model commendation conference” that shenzhen jufei optoelectronics co., ltd. was awarded the “national labor day medal” by the all-china federation of trade unions. that honorary title is the only unit in shenzhen that was won by jf ​in 2017.


         founded in september 2005, jufei optoelectronics has more than 2,000 employees currently. the company specializes in r&d, manufacturing and marketing of smd led devices, mainly producing backlight leds, lighting leds, light bar products, small-pitch display leds and automotive leds. a full range of led devices, products are widely used in mobile communications, lcd, display and automotive electronics.

         the company has developed rapidly and its operating income has increased year by year. in 2016, jufei optoelectronics' operating income exceeded 1.5 billion rmb. in the first quarter of 2017, the company's sales performance was 367 million rmb, a year-on-year increase of 31.49%. in order to meet the needs of rapid development, the company set up three production bases in shenzhen, huizhou jufei and wuhu jufei, as well as marketing networks in south china, east china, taiwan, india, turkey and other large regions to achieve "based on the pearl river delta and radiating the country." 

         ​all in all,  jufei optoelectronics will look at the global market layout to better support the implementation of the company's international strategy.