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an unforgettable company training event
an unforgettable company training event

in july, jufei optoelectronics applied for a group of recent graduates. in order to train 28 students to quickly become a qualified jufei staff, shenzhen headquarters launched a training and expansion activities for the “workplace dreamcatcher” training camp.

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jf dr zhang zhikuan pulse ultra thin ultra hd display industry development

        on april 10th, 2017 china (international) flat panel display industry conference trend forum was successfully held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center. dr. zhang zhikuan, the director of jufei optoelectronics technology, made a keynote speech at the forum on “high-reliability ultra-thin ultra-clear backlight development trend”.
         dr. zhang introduced that jufei optoelectronics would face new opportunities in china's display industry, and would continue to promote the development of the display industry through technological advancement and product innovation to provide led products that meet new development needs and new application areas. on the forum, dr. zhang showed the guests the innovation achievements of jufei optoelectronics in high reliability, ultra-thin, ultra-clear and clean blue, and released the new on-chip type quantum dot photoluminescence device.

        since its establishment in 2005, jufei optoelectronics has been deeply involved in the backlight display industry. in 2016, it signed a global patent agreement for the application of led high color gamut phosphors with ge, and obtained the global application rights of ge in ksf phosphor patents. flying ksf high color gamut products have passed the reliability assessment of mainstream mobile phone and tv manufacturers, and the product reliability has reached the level of world-class enterprises;
       jufei car products adopt unique design and high quality raw materials, and a variety of car backlight led products are certified by aec-q101.the large-scale backlight products in jufei have a comprehensive layout of 23.6 to 85. the development of refractive lenses has been completed, and a photothermal simulation platform has been built.

       jufei successfully developed a new on-chip type quantum dot photoluminescence device.on the forum,finally,dr. zhang hopes that  he will communicate with industry experts to accurately control the development direction of the display industry, share and discuss the development trend of display industry and technology, and promote more cooperation opportunities to jointly promote the healthy development of the display industry.