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an unforgettable company training event
an unforgettable company training event

in july, jufei optoelectronics applied for a group of recent graduates. in order to train 28 students to quickly become a qualified jufei staff, shenzhen headquarters launched a training and expansion activities for the “workplace dreamcatcher” training camp.

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china optical optoelectronics industry association experts come to jufei optoelectronics exchange guidance

       on the morning of april 18th, china optical optoelectronics industry association led display application branch deputy secretary-general cai guangchao and the experts of the standardization committee visited jufei. mr. sun, general manager of the technology center, and mr. wang, general manager of the quality center warmly welcomed secretary-general cai. and the experts of the standardization committee conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with the experts.

        ​mr.xiong, manager of business development department first briefly reported the basic situation of the company to the experts, introduced the industry status, advanced technology, customer orientation and future planning of jufei, and the industry leading position in the field of led backlight packaging. the results of the standards in the intellectual property field, such as standards, and the gains in the continuous deepening of the "quality is the bridge connecting customers" system, have been positively evaluated by the leaders and experts of the association.



        secretary-general  introduced the purpose of in-depth research on the member companies of the association and shared the results of the relevant research. he introduced that the competition in the led industry is becoming more and more fierce. china has a problem of lagging development in the construction of intellectual property and quality standards in the led field. in particular, there are weaknesses in dealing with different customer solutions in the international market. the incident of the industry "337" intellectual property investigation case analyzed the essential problems behind the investigation and analyzed the shortcomings of the led industry in standard construction.
        secretary-general  introduced the research results and policy adjustments of some theoretical and practical aspects of china's standardization construction. the follow-up led industry standards and local standards will gradually evolve to industry team standards, and the drafting, release and implementation of team standards will be carried out. will be more efficient. for example, in the validation cycle of the standard proposal, the led industry's team standard starting with tb will generally be reviewed and released within 3 to 6 months, and the national standard starting with gb will usually be valid for up to 2 years.
        mr. wu, an expert from the association's standardization committee, analyzes the design and r&d of led display products. the team standard will follow the three aspects of “compatibility”, “interchangeability” and “diversity”. it is necessary to ensure the standardization and healthy development of the led industry, and to ensure the differentiation of led technology and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. from the perspective of market timing, the joint drafting, review and release of team standards is closer to the actual business environment of the enterprise than national standards and international standards. team standards can also be gradually transformed into national standards through market testing, and industry standards and taiwan standards can be smoothly transformed into industry team standards.
         secretary-general  introduced that the members of the standardization committee need to have a rich background in the led industry and be able to pass the national standards committee. jufei optoelectronics is the leading enterprise of backlight led​. welcome to formally declare as a member of the standards committee. the association will rely on leading enterprises in various sub-sectors of led to distinguish “platform, fine classification, product category” in terms of intellectual property rights, team standard system construction and testing public platform construction, actively promote related work, and accelerate the development of led industry. enhance international competitiveness. in the specific promotion of team standards, the five aspects of “production, study and research” will be fully mobilized and utilized, and the association’s standard committee will take the lead in effectively solving the “incomplete system” and “subdivision too broad” in the led industry. issues such as customer requirements as standard.
         general manager of the technology center introduced in detail the experience and experience of jufei in the development of standard construction, patent application, patent cooperation, intellectual property protection, and r&d process system in the development process of more than ten years. the company has encountered many intellectual property rights. consulting, through the practice of independent intellectual property rights, patent cooperation, patent licensing, etc., accumulated a lot of experience. since the establishment of the technical management department in 2016, ip related work has accelerated. in the actual business process, when encountering differences, jufei will generally commission a third-party company to conduct testing and evaluation according to market needs, but this situation will affect the work process of all aspects. it is hoped that the association will speed up the construction of industry standards and team standards to help enterprises develop rapidly.
         general manager of the quality center said that jufei is the leader of the led packaging industry and the governing unit of the association. it strongly supports the construction of the standardization system of the association, actively participates in the writing and evaluation of relevant team standards led by the association, and hopes to promote the led by the strength of the association. the industry is fair in competition and healthy development, providing customers with higher quality products, higher quality services and more cost-effective long-term cooperation.
        both general manager of the technology center and the quality center are looking forward to more interaction and deeper communication with the experts of the association.

        secretary-general and the experts of the association happily ended the survey after visiting the jufei production line and taking a group photo.